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Two Things You Can Do If You're Having Problems In Your Relationship 

So you still want to be with your partner even though he or she is getting on your nerves? Well instead of creating an argument (or another argument...depending on your situation), make a change. You have the power to stop all of the problems that your partner presents to you without even saying a word to them. How?

By making changes to yourself.

Here's what you can do:

1. Don't focus so much on the negative. You may be going through a huge argument and it may momentarily make you feel upset. But instead of thinking so much about the problems that you both have, focus on all the things that you love about your partner. What are you grateful for? Change your mood positively by thinking about all the reasons why you're still with him/her. Once you do that your attitude that you have towards your partner may start to disappear.

2. Start falling in love again...with you! Appreciate and be grateful for all the good things that you see in yourself. Make a list of at least 10 things that you can say you really love about yourself. Keep an upbeat and happy demeanor. Having a positive attitude is contagious, and you'll soon start to notice some positive feedback from your partner.

** And on that note, I would like to say this: Your partner is a reflection of you. Love yourself and the person that you're with and the circumstances in your relationship will start to change for the better.


The Art Of Communication

Communication is the key to every successful relationship. Your ability to connect with your partner verbally or non-verbally (body language) can show whether your relationship has the potential of moving forward, or if it's headed for disaster.

Here's how to prevent such a negative outcome from happening:

  • Talk. Make it a goal to talk with your partner. And I'm not just talking about "small talk". I want you to have deep, meaningful conversations with one another. Ask questions about the future of your relationship- and if there's anything that they feel you can do on your part to make the relationship better. Express to him/her what you like and dislike about your relationship. Always keep an open line of communication.
  • Monitor Affection and Attention. Are you giving enough affection and attention to your partner? Do you hold hands, hold each other, kiss in public, or anything else you feel would not really matter in your relationship? Is there anything you would like your partner to do more of? Do you make it you business to give a nice amount of attention to your partner? Now is the time for you to think about those things, communicate, and make changes. Be sure to monitor the non-verbal part of your relationship. It plays a huge role.