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Frequently Asked Questions

* Why should I buy your products as opposed to what other relationship coaches are offering?
If you want books that are fast, easy-to-read, and right down to the point, then you will enjoy reading the books that I offer. There are many authors that have books online that you have to wait days before you receive thier products. However if you purchase a product from my site, you will receive your book as well as a free bonus ebook within 5 minutes!
Also many authors have books that exceeds more than 100 pages. Though many of their books are great to read...there's a difference. If short, content-filled information is what you after, then my books are for you! Each of my books are less than 70 pages.
* Do I need to purchase any other products, after I read any of your books?
No. However the books do work better when you are being coached thorugh the chapters. If you are unsure on anything or have questions on the information that the book contain, I can help. My mission is to help you create the best possible relationship with your partner, no matter what situation you are having problems in.
 * Do you offer any guarantees on your products?
Yes. If you purchased a product and you're not satisified with the order, and as long as the order was placed within 15 days, you will receive 100% of your money back!
* What kind of payment methods do you offer for the products?
Credit/debit cards (through PayPal) and money orders. Buying a product with a credit card is the easiest and fastest way to receive your order. This site is totally secure and no one will have access to your purchasing information. However if you prefer to send a money order, you would have to wait for us to receive your money order, and name of the product you want, before you receive your order via email.
* Will I get any support should a problem arise with my order?
Yes. If there is a problem with you receiving the order after you've made a payment, we will figure out a solution with you to help you get your product as soon as possible. There are many ways to contact us. If you choose to contact us by phone or email, You will get a response in less than 24 hours. 
* Why should I try your phone coaching program?
Each session you'll receive expert advice that would help you work through a paticular problem in your relationship. You should be aware that you are already making a positive change the moment we start our first session. You are showing that you're willing to put in the time to make your relationship better. During our sessions we will set up small goals that will be your daily assignments- and it would ultimately help you get a stronger and long-lasting relationship with your partner.
* How long are the calls for the phone coaching program?
All calls are set up to be only for a half-hour. I will value your time as a client, and
will work within your schedule to set up the best possible time for us to have our sessions. 
* Do I have to pay to subcribe to your newsletters?
No. You will not be charged anything for having a monthly subcription.  
* Do you have any special offerings on your products and services?
Yes. Whenever there's a special deal going on, you will be notified by email if you've purchased a product or recieved any relationship coaching from me. If you subcribed to my newsletters, it will be located in the newsletter.